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- Self Titled
- Cut
- Raped by an Angel
- Center of Changes (new!)
- remixes and videos

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My Boyfriend the Pilot

Far from the ocean of carbon-copied electronic acts, near such creative islands as the Residents and Stereolab, My Boyfriend the Pilot is a creation of audio genius ripped from the heart and viciously fervent mind of its creator, Minmei Decelis. From the deepest, darkest corners of her psyche she bares all, in a melodically transcendental form. She has been described by critics as representing some of the most innovative sounds-styling towards electronica, rhythmic noise and dark ambient genres.

The music tends to crawl under your skin, shapes the most fantastic images, and stays challenging by means of an intelligent use of samples, rhythms and beats.

My Boyfriend the Pilot exercises a surreal science of structure that throbs and pulsates in an almost obsessive manner. The music is almost suggestive of a mechanical assembly line in its clockwork rhythm, pulsing ambient echoes of machine-milled passion, and sampling of the beating, tell-tale heart of the dark ambient underground.

One might ask - Where does the band name come from? The band name comes from an episode of the sci-fi animated series Robotech entitled "Miss Macross."

You can visit My Boyfriend the Pilot at MySpace or at their website www.myboyfriendthepilot.com.

"I pursued abstract sound as a way to communicate emotions when I didn't feel like I had permission to use the words."
- Minmei Decelis -